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This is how we meet and exceed expectations, time and time again.

With years of experience in projects and programs similar to yours, but all of them unique in their own way, we have developed formal processes that work for every size and type of program that comes our way.

We’ve captured the similarities among programs and developed a series of best practices that make your jobs run more efficiently. From the time your file hits IT, to Customer Service, Warehouse and finally Production, these processes allow us to meet or exceed your expectations. For instance:

File processing: All files are coordinated with your Sisk Customer Service Rep and our IT Department. We will receive files and process them for Postal Pre-sorts based on your mailing instructions, or for parcel shipments through various carriers.

Pro-Mail: Files are then imported into our Order and Inventory Management system, where the order is created, inventory adjusted, warehouse pull sheets and production worksheets are generated. Order status & tracking as well as inventory levels and activity are available via the web in real time.  Several automated e-mail notifications are available to you to assist you in managing your inventory and order shipments or mailings.

Variable Data Print and Personalization: We can manage and manipulate your files with 100% accuracy to produce the exact personalized communication you require.  Whether it’s personalized letters, replies, member cards or certificates, we can produce it.

Production:  Tried and true processes practiced throughout our warehouse and production operations allow us to handle the largest or smallest jobs in a uniform and orderly fashion.  On time and accurate.  Meeting or exceeding your expectations is our commitment to you.

Pick-n-Pack: We use a 3 step process for Quality Control.  We maintain three cross-trained groups of individuals, each with specific expertise:

  • Pick: in bulk to match a set of orders;
  • Match: trained matchers match the order to the order packing slip;
  • Pack: then check orders one slip at a time.

In each step we are verifying the correct quantity and accuracy of the item, including color, size and other details.

When you need accuracy, you need Sisk.

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