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From simple to complex packages, we build kits that will impress your customers/members.

One of the often overlooked parts of the Customer experience is the point at which a customer opens the box. This is referred to by industrial and product designers as the “OOBE,” or the Out Of Box Experience*. There are only a few companies that deliver good OOBE, and we’ll help you to be one of them!

Using our decades of experience in kit design and assembly, we’ll show you how to deliver good “OOBE.”  From simple packages to the most complex, Sisk can handle your custom kitting job efficiently and effectively.  We will: 

  • Receive and warehouse your components
  • Work closely with you on the detailed assembly instructions
  • Assemble kits for immediate mass distribution
  • Assemble kits for on-demand orders
  • Pre-assemble kits for in-house stock items. (Kits are inventoried and warehoused awaiting orders.)
  • Utilize our experience in highly specialized, multiple matching packages
  • Ship all orders with pinpoint precision and personal care.

At Sisk, we give good OOBE.

* A classic poor OOBE for many of us was the disappointing “batteries not included” small print on the toy we got on Christmas day

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